New Waves of Working

Working with a decentralised team has its pros and cons. We have the option of working in the comfort of our homes or we can be with the team and get front row access to the magic happening in the factory. …

I sit here on the waterfront perplexed. I wanted to be in the water yet the warm muck deters me. This isn’t what I want.

I thought I could be happy anywhere. I though that this was what I wanted. The ocean. The trees. The breeze. The renderings looked amazing…

At times we have been told, though media and marketing, that adornment is frivolous, unnecessary, and meaningless. However, even minimalists wear clothing and shoes. Would you walk naked in the streets? Most likely not.

Let’s expand upon this to our surroundings – our homes – our future home. We understand…

This time around, it’s going to be elevated. I’m going to try something very different. Yes, I’m trying to utilise the gift of technology to make our lives more impactful and lighter.

A year ago on my birthday, which I celebrated in isolation, I said I would go paperless. Close…

Disney raised me to be a Romantic

To believe in love

And happily ever after

Evolving the stories of Hans

Into palatable portions

For the masses

Dalí guided me to the underworlds

To believe in fate

And celebrate absurdity

Translating religion and reality

Into blasphemous bizarres

For those that dare

The sun welcomed me to the bay, Linton Bay. It was the only day of full sun in quite some time, I was told. After a few days I found this quite true. Clouds dominate the skies bringing rain throughout the day and night. If you leave your umbrella, it´s…

Wow. I’m finally here. I sailed across the Pacific, to the Atlantic. I spent time with family, reorganised my my baggage — yes the fun part about being nomadic — and took an opportunity that proved I can do anything I put my mind to. …

A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down. I wondered if this was really the truth as I walked through the city streets of Auckland and held my curved bamboo handle of my indigo blue tie-dyed umbrella. It made quite the statement whenever it was used, brightening my perspective…

Morgan Ræ

Morgan Ræ is in simplest terms, a disco ball — showing the world facets of her dimensionality through her wånderful world and way of living.

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